How To Use Collectors Tools – Database Pro

We have built the Collectors Tools database to be as simple and all-encompassing as possible! Simplified to the maximum to make your job researching tickets in a population report as quickly and easy as possible.

If you are looking to search through scans of individual tickets try this tutorial here.

The main advice is to keep things as simple as possible, one or two words keep the search as open as possible meaning none of the important data filters out.

Searches for Collectors Tools:


Simply type in the player’s name. Use the most simplified version of their name.

Example: Lionel Messi tickets should be searched using the search “Messi”


This often refers to the teams playing. For example “Barcelona” will bring up every Barcelona ticket. More precise could be “Barcelona Real Madrid”


You must use the American date structure (MM/DD/YYYY). You must not use spaces. It must be exactly as seen in the format above. The 3rd of January 2019 should look like “1/3/2019”. The 10th of February 1995 should look like this “2/10/1995”


Type in the event in as simple as possible. Want to see all of Lebron’s debuts simply type “Lebron Debut”, want to be more precise, “Lebron NBA Debut”. Any order of these words works “NBA Lebron Debut” but keep it as natural as possible. Want to know all the NBA Debuts for all players? “NBA Debut” will bring this up for you.


In this video, there is an outline of how the database can be used!

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